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       That's my Dad!

   In 2005, my Dad, Ron, had been in the dollhouse and miniature field for over thirty years. He was both an artist and a collector.   He had expanded his realm to include model railroad parts, circuit boards, and miniaturization in many facets, working with many companies. He had his creations in museums, on mantels and in room boxes all over the planet.  He had learned more than one man's fair share of know-how about how things work and shared his knowledge with his sons.  Painstaking attention to detail, patience and a steady hand were all traits that he shared.  


          That's me!

 Today, Ron Sr's legacy lives on as the same craftsmanship is displayed at shows across our nation.  Ron Jr,  has taken over the business and has begun the magic all over again.  Doing as he was taught by his father, Ron is keeping within the same style and feel as he grew up knowing. Along with his father's knowledge  Ron has a Chemistry degree, private industry experience, and this is Ron's second successful business.  Making miniatures seems to flow through his veins.

Going to shows is the biggest part of this business and Ron has something different at the table each show.  Catering to certain customers, and chatting with everyone in the aisle. Hope to see you there.


A short


        Dad started at his shop making fence for an outfit in New Jersey in 1971.  After a few years, he had acquired lots of extra wood and started creating miniature Shaker-style furniture.  The business took off and after a few years, he had a thriving booth at then, small Guild and NAME shows.

        Ron continued to incorporate other materials into his woodworking like mold making and plastics.  He later learned to work with brass and the etchings launched a line of buckles, combs, buttons, and hinges that boosted the entire dollhouse industry.  

        Of course, his biggest miniature feat was his fleet of 1/12th scale model ships.  The nautical feel had always been present in his works.  Today, a model ship is placed on the mantle at each show in his honor. The nautical feel is surely present now as it once was then. 


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