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 What an experience!

Don't  just  learn  how  to cast brass, LIVE   IT!

 1)You will inject the molds!      2) You will pen the wax!

3) You will mix and pour plaster!    4) You will hold the crucible!

5) You will pour the brass!    6) You will dunk it in the water!

You will cast the brass!  You will have a finished product in the end!

You can learn to create models, make moulds, polish and finish brass.

Bring your own model; come for an extra day and make a model; find a model here.

You will learn to cast anything.

The Model Making Process


       Depending on what we want to make, the process may include grinding and shaping metal, sculpting plastic or wax, carving wood, soldering metal pieces together and working in scale.  We will encounter using glues, resins, epoxies, sprays, machinery, acids and flames. If we are working on the project from scratch at my studios or you bring an item, you're going to learn so much about what you already know and love.

The Casting Process


        What we will do is called the Lost Wax Process.    It involves a wax item (actually, several wax items) smothered in plaster.  Allow the plaster to harden and melt out the wax.  Then smelt the brass and pour it into the plaster void, creating a metal item.  There are many tricks and more to do with each item before, during and after the cast.  The whole process can take 3-5 days.



     Since we are in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, why not stay at one of the best Catskill resorts still in operation.  The Terrace has been around since the resort 'hay-day' of the 1960's.  Refurbished and accomindating, "The Terrace" is a treat to stay in. You may have breakfast at Marie's Cafe located at The Terrace.  Several options also are nearby for a morning walk for coffee.

     From the shop, at lunchtime, we travel down the old dirt road to our favorite truck stop for a quick bite at noon-ish.  There is a diverse selection on the menu, as well as 'The Specials'.  This meal is included in the invitation to the Casting Studio.

    The Catskill Mountains hold a wide variety of tastes.  We will most likely dine together but where is up to you.  You may also venture out alone with one of our maps.  We may also have a family dinner at my house.  With so many places to go, its up in the air with what to do for dinner.     

     All the time, we are minutes away from supermarkets, convenience stores, local pubs and most other amenities in case of a midnight


  Email Ron for rates and availability.

Or call Ron, 518-622-8311  10am-2pm M-F EST

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