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RDK-1 is our best seller.  Knob is 7/32" in diameter, with the back plate 9/32".  $18.




RDK-2 is slightly smaller than the RDK-1.

At 3/16" in daimeter it makes for a great bedroom and closet knob. $18.




The ODK-1 knob has an oval knob with a round backplate.

The wide dimension of the oval is 7/32" and the backplate is 9/32".  $18.



ODK-2 is slightly different from the ODK-1, the backplate is smaller in ratio.  

The Oval at its wide point reaches 1/4" and the backplate is 3/16". $18



The FRK series are two part knobs.  With the backplate adhered first and then the hole redrilled, the knob is allowed to turn.





Two distinct, beautiful patterns, $20

FRK-1  +  FRK-2

Knob 5/32" + Backplate 7/32".


Entranceway Knobs

Dk-1 is about 9/16" tall.

DK-2 is about 19/32" tall.

DK-3 is 1" tall.

Each knob is $26.




Modern Door Knob

Really just one handle, also available in Handles. $26.

1/2" long.





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